Who we are:

Rent-a-Writer has been founded recently seeing the dirth of content/copywriters in our market. With 6 years of experience under our belt we have worked with some of the greatest clients including RBS, DCD, Apple, DawnNews, to name a few.

Rent-a-Writer is an initiative that provides corporate companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs or even advertising agencies a service that lets you outsource your content and copywriting needs to the experts who know their way around words.

How can we help you? Well, here’s an overview of what we do:




Reconstructing copy

Creative concepts 

Tone of voice 




Social media


ATL and BTL marketing

At Rent-a-Writer, we are result-oriented and believe that the power of selling lies in the content and the use of right words, no matter what your product or service.

Reaching the audience is not difficult; making them listen to you and believe what you are saying is what counts and wins you their loyalty and in-turn excellent results.

Remember, tomahto tomayto – there is a big difference when you write it, phonetically.

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